Why STEAM education is important.

STEAM education and makerspaces is still in its early phase. This 'maker' movement is fundamentally changing the way we as educators and educational researchers envision teaching and learning. This movement focus on making - which is an active process of builing, designing and innovating with tools.

Everyday across the world people are using some form of STEAM in there daily lives or at their job. It is important that our students graduate with these skills and maintaining scientific and technological leadership which is essential to our development and our future. With the average age of the employees in the businesses being 50 or greater, there is more engineers/technicians and unkown number of professionals in the medical science, biotechnology, energy, clean tech, Robotics, IT etc. that needs to be replaced.

Who is this site intended for ?

This site is for anyone who wants to join the makerspace revolution that use the principles of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). You will find resources, tutorials, lesson plans, videos and projects and so much more to help you on your journey whether you are a student/teacher/hacker.

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